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How to Use Your Broiler

Broilers help you cook things fast and on a high heat—perfect for adding a crust to something or getting some browning on top. Your broiler usually sits on the top of your oven or right underneath it. 

When preheating your broiler, you only need to let it warm up for about five minutes. It gets hotter than the rest of the oven, so make sure your pans are safe for the temperatures it’ll get to. 

You can add crispness and char to something like baked chicken by popping it under your broiler for five minutes, taking your meat to the next level with texture. Or, use the broiler to melt cheese for tasty loaded nachos!


Tools That Make It Easy

Try out your broiler with other cooking methods to add crispness, like cooking Sous Vide Salmon in the Deluxe Multi Cooker. The sous vide cooking makes sure your fish is cooked through, and broiling adds that perfect final texture. 

Sous Vide Salmon
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