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Weelicious Shares a Go-To Family Meal in the Multi Cooker

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If the idea of making a dinner that everyone in the family will eat sounds impossible, entrepreneur and food blogger Catherine McCord of Weelicious is here to help you out. “With a family of 5, all with different food preferences and allergies, I know the challenge so many people face having to make 21 meals plus snacks every week without losing their mind!” Catherine said. Here, Catherine shares a go-to recipe her family’s been loving, plus her “keep-your-sanity” tips for family mealtime wins.

photo credit: @weelicious

Parents rely on Catherine as a resource for her relatable videos and fun, kid-friendly recipes like this one. And Catherine relies on helpful tools like the Deluxe Multi Cooker to make mealtime happen, and it’s become a favorite family tool! “It’s one of my best friends in the kitchen! I’ve considered the multi cooker ‘just mine,’ but my husband has also started cooking in it religiously,” she said.

You can pressure cook, slow cook, sous vide, sear, and even make homemade yogurt with the multi cooker. With 16 preprogrammed settings at your fingertips, you can cook everything from meat, rice, and beans to desserts, minus the guesswork. And you can do it confidently—with an at-a-glance progress indicator, so you always know the status of what you’re making.

“The amount of recipes you can create in minutes is truly magical with the multi cooker,” Catherine says. “You get amazing results without all the effort. The best!”

photo credit: @weelicious

"I grew up having dinner with my parents and brother like clockwork at 5 p.m. every night. When I look back at my childhood, that shared experience helped ground and connect me to my family even more. I still dream about the recipes my mother would lovingly prepare and hope I'm creating the same memories for my children."

photo credit: @weelicious

Spring Pressure Cooker Risotto

One family-approved meal Catherine’s been making in the Deluxe Multi Cooker is this Spring Pressure Cooker Risotto. This super simple recipe is fresh, bright, and oh so creamy, delicious. “Getting the right texture for risotto can be difficult, and it’s laborious to constantly stir it. But the multi cooker takes away all of those problems!” Catherine said.

photo credit: @weelicious

3 Tips for Family-Friendly Cooking and Eating

“My son has been a vegetarian since he was 5, my middle daughter is a full-on carnivore, and my husband is a part-time vegan with a gluten sensitivity,” Catherine explained. “So I’ve got strategies to get everyone fed nutritious, tasty meals while remaining sane!”

  1. “Interview your family every few months to ask about their ten favorite foods. See where there are crossovers, and always keep these foods on hand. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to mix and match these foods, especially in different recipes.”
  2. “Plan DIY meals to satisfy everyone’s culinary preferences. Think DIY tacos, pizza, a salad bar, or grain bowls. I put out bowls of favorite foods and let everyone build their own meals.”
  3. “Let everyone share a highlight of their day to make mealtime fun and engaging. With adults’ and kids’ lives busier than ever, mealtime is the one time and place that families can connect. As much as I enjoy cooking, eating as a family is what I treasure most!”

Catherine’s Can’t-Live-Without Products

Deluxe Multi Cooker

“My daughter lives and breathes for the homemade chicken soup I make from scratch in it. And my husband makes the best bean dishes (from dried beans) you’ve ever tasted.”

Mix 'N Scrapers

"They’re lifesavers for mixing, cooking, and not wasting a drop out of jars, bowls, and containers while cooking."

Professional Shears

“If there’s one kitchen tool everyone should have, it’s these. I use them for everything from chopping herbs, opening packages, trimming chicken, meat, vegetables and more."

About Catherine McCord

Catherine created Weelicious in 2007 after her first child was born as a way for her to share fun kid-friendly recipes. It has since grown to become a trusted source for families looking to add enjoyment to their lives.

Catherine is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, and her online how-to videos have amassed more than fifty million views. She has written three cookbooks, including her latest Smoothie Project with her 4th cookbook, This Kitchen is Organized AF (and functional), coming out in spring 2023.  

 She has appeared on TODAY, Good Morning America, California Live, The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Doctors, and is a regular on the Emmy-winning NBC show Naturally, Danny Seo, and Food Network’s #1-rated Guy’s Grocery Games. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.

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