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Rosalynn Daniels Shares Her Pressure Cooker Easter Ham

Rosalynn Daniels
photo credit: @rosalynndaniels

Lifestyle personality, photographer, and entrepreneur, Rosalynn Daniels finds inspiration from recreating elevated dining she experienced as a young adult. “I enjoyed eating at fine restaurants or having the most delicious food from local hole-in-the-walls,” she said.

Deluxe Multi Cooker
photo credit: @rosalynndaniels

But like many people, once she started her family, this busy mom found those culinary experiences started to dwindle. “But that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to continue to have them! I had to learn how to recreate those dining experiences and entertaining experiences at home.”

And with all the features of the Deluxe Multi Cooker in one appliance, Rosalynn loves that she can sous vide like they do in restaurants or pressure cook with the nostalgic flavors of a family Easter with her Pressure Cooker Brown Sugar Ham.

“It’s extremely important that my children are exposed to different types of cuisines because I understand the power of food and how it brings people together,” she explains.

Rosalynn Daniels and Her Mom
photo credit: @rosalynndaniels

“When my mom sold Pampered Chef, it showed me that you can take control of your life. My mom showed me that entrepreneurship doesn't have to be this big, bad scary thing…it could be something enjoyable while also being lucrative.”

Pressure Cooker Brown Sugar Ham
photo credit: @rosalynndaniels

Pressure Cooker Brown Sugar Ham

With just five ingredients and about 30 minutes, Rosalynn recreated the sweet and savory aromas she remembered from her childhood. 

 “As I prepare this simple entree, I’m always pulled into the nostalgia of Easters’ past, growing up as a little girl surrounded by family and friends. I remember the smells of those gatherings, warm, sweet, and savory. This recipe captures the feel of those times perfectly.”

Her pressure cooker ham recipe only needs pineapple juice, brown sugar, and a cup of dark cola to get an impressive, juicy ham every single time.

Rosalynn Daniels
photo credit: @rosalynndaniels

Rosalynn’s Inspiration: Her Pampered Chef Mom!

Rosalynn gives her mom, a former Pampered Chef consultant, the credit for her entrepreneur’s spirit. “She instilled in me that you can have complete control over your life,” she said. My mom showed me that entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be this big, bad scary thing. It could be something enjoyable while also being lucrative.”

Fueled by the success of her lifestyle brand and website, Rosalynn recently launched her own production company, Brown Hands Media, to address gaps in representation among digital creators.

“A lot of people are ignorant to cultural differences, but you can find different ways to teach them about your culture,” Rosalynn explained. “I find that food is the best way to do that. People are open and curious to learn about different types of cuisines.”

Rosalynn’s Pampered Chef Picks

Deluxe Multi Cooker

“You guys, this multi cooker really sets you up to have everyday wins! I’m loving it because I get to sous vide my food which allows for perfectly juicy meat all the time. The Pressure Cooker [setting] makes life so convenient. But my favorite feature is the one-touch pressure release! I can tell Pampered Chef put a lot of thought into the design.”

Pizza Stone

“I’m obsessed with the Stoneware because once it’s seasoned, food just slides right off.”

Smooth-Edge Can Opener

“I cannot live without my Pampered Chef can opener! I love how it opens cans from the top and I never have to worry about cutting myself when I’m moving so fast in the kitchen.”

Kitchen Spritzer

“I love it because I can infuse my oils the way that I want. My favorite is using it to make Rosemary Olive Oil.”

About Rosalynn Daniels

Rosalynn Daniels Family

Rosalynn Daniels is a lifestyle personality, content creator, food videographer, and photographer. Although born in Charleston, SC and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, Rosalynn grew up all over the world and has experienced a myriad of cultures, due to her father’s military career.

Her passion for recreating great dining and event experiences for her everyday life birthed the Rosalynn Daniels brand and website,

Rosalynn has a regular appearance on Dish Nation and has been featured on other national television networks and publications, including Morning Express on HLN and Essence Magazine. She has been a presenter and speaker on behalf of brands at multiple tradeshows and conferences and has been hired to produce content by networks like Food52, The Feed Feed, K-Love/Air-1, and Nick Jr. 

She now resides in the Atlanta area with her husband and children. She is an owning partner in a popular Midtown Atlanta eatery and Food Media Producer for her production company, Brown Hands Media.

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