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Realfoodbydad Shares This No-Fuss Dinner for Picky Eaters

photo credit:@realfoodbydad

It’s challenging enough to plan and make a nourishing weeknight meal, but the difficulty level cranks up to 11 when there’s a picky eater (or four!) at the table. That person might even be you! That’s why blogger, dad of three, and self-proclaimed recovering picky eater Matt Robinson of @realfoodbydad encourages all picky eaters to learn to cook.

photo credit: @realfoodbydad

As Matt tries new cooking skills, he’s having a blast making with no-fail sous vide dinners in the Deluxe Multi Cooker. Sous vide seems like a fancy cooking technique, but its no-fail results are a perfect fit for his style of easy-to-understand, crowd-pleasing recipes.

“The best thing about sous vide cooking is the result. It’s nearly impossible to cook anything wrong,” Matt says. “The key to sous vide is knowing your food’s cook temperature.

Once you establish that, all the other steps you might need to do—multiple thermometer pokes, cutting to peek at color, or touching to check texture—go out the window!” 

photo credit: @realfoodbydad

"Mealtimes are the best times to gather, catch up, and for my boys to laugh and make sense of the day. Making sure my recipes are easily doable means more meals around the table and less time waiting for curbside pickup.”

Sous Vide Turkey Burgers

There’s no poking, prodding, or over-cooking Matt’s delicious and budget-friendly Sous Vide Turkey Burgers“Turkey tends to be the popular second choice after beef, and it’s more economical than ground pork, which makes this an attractive family dinner choice,” he explained. “Here’s to never making an overcooked turkey burger again!”

photo credit: @realfoodbydad

Matt’s 3 Lessons for Picky Eaters

    1. It’s never too early (or too late) to learn to cook. “A lesson Naomi [my wife] passed on is if I didn’t learn how to cook, I’d never become a better eater,” Matt shared. “That changed my perspective, and it’s a message that resonates well with my boys.”
    2. Cooking is like learning to drive. “Most of us start out slow and cautious, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes, and with that, the further you can go, which opens you up to all kinds of adventures. That’s the lesson I’m teaching my boys when we cook together.”
    3. Make mealtime a ritual. Being a dad changes everything. I used to rotate between 10-15 meals and then cook for sustenance and eat standing at the kitchen counter. Now, mealtimes are the best times to gather, catch up, and for my boys to laugh and make sense of the day’s happenings. I know cooking every day isn’t a reality for everyone. To be honest, it’s not my reality either, but making sure my recipes are accessible and easily doable means more meals around the table and less time waiting for curbside pickup.”

Matt's Gotta Have 'Em Products

Deluxe Multi Cooker

“I love the multi cooker because it replaces multiple kitchen tools and minimizes kitchen cleanup by allowing for an all-in-one cooking approach.”

Pressure Cooker Ceramic Pot

“When you’re a busy dad, that extra time is everything. That’s the exact reason why I love the Ceramic Pot accessory. It turns the multi cooker into a double-decker powerhouse—main dish plus the side dish you're cooking at once.”

Bell Pepper Herb Rub

This rub adds a rich flavor of red and green bell peppers with a touch of garlic and herbs, making it an easy go-to for meat, seafood, and veggies.

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About Matt Robinson

Matt is a recovering picky eater, parent to three boys, and the mealtime wrangler behind Real Food by Dad. Matt does most of the weeknight cooking for his family and shares these recipes on his successful blog and Instagram® to encourage other reluctant dads to get in the kitchen. He tends to favor simple, crowd-pleasing fare, from waffles of all shapes and sizes to cheeky mashups like beefy enchilada melts and BLT pizzas. When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find him coaching his kid’s baseball team, or in the studio helping his photographer and blogger wife, Naomi, shoot and style his recipes, or hiking his way through one national park after another.
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