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Meal Planning Made Easier: Sheet Pan Salmon & Potato Tacos [Video]

Meal planning for the week doesn’t have to be an elaborate activity that takes up your whole weekend. All it takes is a few overlapping ingredients that you can prep one night and then use to get a head start on another meal later in the week. Recipe Content Manager Sandy Wolner shares her easy sheet pan salmon and roasted vegetable recipe with pressure cooker mashed potatoes. It’s so easy to make extra mashed potatoes and use them for another meal. Did someone say, “Air fryer potato tacos?!”.

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A pressure cooker is a great hands-off way to make mashed potatoes. No boiling water and monitoring the stove. Just set it and move on!

The unglazed cooking surface draws moisture away from the food, so everything cooks consistently, and veggies turn out nice and crispy.

The superheated air circulates and gives potato tacos a crispy texture with just a little spritz of oil. No preheating is necessary, saving you precious time.

A compact mincer and chopper, this food processor makes fast salsa, dip, cookie dough, tapenade or even crema for your tacos!

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Sandy’s sheet pan dinner is a twist on this delicious baked salmon sheet pan meal. Sandy brushed her salmon with oil and Lemon Garlic Rub. Or you can follow this recipe and top the salmon with lemon juice and pesto.

This will be your new favorite way to make fluffy mashed potatoes. Save time with hands-off cooking and save stovetop space with a pressure cooker.

Save 10 minutes of prep time with leftover mashed potatoes. Tacos in an air fryer are easy to prepare and the shells get that perfect crispiness.

Sandy's Prep Tips

  • Keep seasonings simple when saving leftover ingredients for another meal.
  • Let food cool before storing in the fridge.
  • Mashed potatoes last 3–4 days in the fridge.
  • Sheet pan dinners are great hands-off meals where you can get ahead on your next meal.
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