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Meal Planning Made Easier: Homemade Frozen Pizzas [Video]

A backup meal like frozen pizza can be a lifesaver on a busy weeknight. And while the store-bought variety is always a simple and convenient choice, our Culinary Content Manager, Sandy Wolner, can help you save money and time with her tips for make-ahead homemade frozen pizzas. Plus, everyone gets the toppings they want!.

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pizza crust mix
Pizza Crust Mix

Pizza night can’t get any easier than this. Add water and oil to make a delicious golden-brown crust. Just add your favorite toppings!

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This pan is just right for crispy pizza flatbread or reheating leftover pizza so that it’s just as good as the day you made (or ordered) it. 

These V-shaped blades won’t squish soft foods while cutting them, and the Quick Slice is big enough to slice a big ball of fresh mozzarella or a bunch of little balls all at once.

Like a convection oven, superheated air circulates, giving food a crispy texture, but there’s no preheating, saving you time.

More Ways to Love Pizza

The cast iron pan helps give this pizza its iconic gooey, doughy center with a crunchy outer crust and two types of caramelized cheese at the edges.

If you want to make a specialty white pizza, this is the one! The unexpected flavor combo is a crowd pleaser! And it only takes 20 minutes to make.

Sandy's Prep Tips

  • Preheat your pan for even crispier crusts.
  • Par-baking helps keep crusts from getting soggy.
  • Double wrapping in plastic wrap and foil helps prevent freezer burn and keeps the toppings from drying out.
  • Stored this way, pizzas will last up to 3 months in the freezer.
  • A frozen mini pizza gets a nice, crisp crust using a mini cast iron skillet in an air fryer. Check out more cool things to make in a mini cast iron skillet.
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