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Last Minute Gift Ideas

You’ve already checked mom, dad, best friend, and spouse off your holiday shopping list. (If you haven’t, check out these gift guides for her, for him, and most loved gifts.) But what do you give those people who are really hard to shop for? Gift cards? So impersonal. A bottle of wine? Nice, but not always the best match. If gifts for the in-laws, the office holiday party, or your neighbors leave you scrambling at the last-minute, we have eight creative, quick, and often tasty holiday gift ideas you should try.

1. Say thank you with a popcorn maker for your next-door neighbor. Even if you’re not close friends with the family next door, they’re still the folks you ask to keep an eye on your home while you’re on vacation, or will loan you their lawn mower when yours dies.

This large popcorn maker shows your appreciation for all these little things your neighbors do for you. Now they can enjoy customized popcorn flavors for their family movie nights.

2. Forget apples, how about sweet treats for teachers? We adore our kids, but sometimes, we’re thankful teachers have them most of the day. A little glass bowl filled with pretty homemade chocolate candies is a thoughtful gift any teacher will actually appreciate and enjoy.

Use a chocolate mold to create batches of candies right before Christmas break, and they’re easy enough to give to all your child’s teachers.

Classic candies. Check six people off your list! Make chocolate candies in the Fluted Chocolate Mold, then put a few into each Prep Bowl. 1-cup prep bowl set
3. Bake homemade cookies for your mother-in-law. Whether you get along better with her than your own mom, or you both agree to disagree on every topic, quick and easy gingerbread cookies in a beautiful little gift box will keep you on her good side.

This cooking-making set helps you make beautifully baked cookies and includes the gift-wrapping essentials, so you bake and box them the night before the family holiday party.

4. Make your aunt’s gift a whisk come true. If your aunt loves cooking, chocolate, goofy puns, or all of the above, then assemble this cute and easy gift idea. Take a whisk, and carefully pop Hershey’s Kisses into its wires. Wrap the whisk with a bow and a tag that reads: We whisk you a merry kiss-mas!

whisk you a merry kiss-mas. Fill it with small candies for an adorable and thoughtful gift. Stainless steel mini whisk.
5. Create a DIY hot chocolate gift set for the office gift exchange. Does your workplace do an annual secret Santa, grab bag, or white elephant gift exchange? Then put together an easy holiday gift that everyone in the office will want.

Fill a clear travel lunch container with layers of hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, mini chocolates, crushed peppermint, or other tasty hot chocolate mix-ins and wrap it with a bow. The best part about this gift is that after the hot chocolate is gone, the container is perfect for a taking salad to work for lunch.

6. Build a layered cookie gift for your boss. Stand out from your coworkers with a unique gift in a beautiful mixing bowl. This gift gives your boss a fun treat in the form of a layered cookie recipe, but also a durable, practical gift for his or her kitchen. It takes a few minutes to layer the dry ingredients and add a bow, but your boss will appreciate your initiative.

7. Craft a handmade ornament for your dog walker. Say thank you to the person who takes care of your furriest best friend. All you need is flour, salt, and warm water to make this salt dough ornament recipe. Have your pet step a paw in the dough and bake the dough into an ornament. It’s a personalized thank you from you and your dog that any animal-lover could cherish.

A surprisingly helpful tool for keeping your ornament the perfect shape and thickness is this burger press.

8. Grab specially wrapped Christmas cookies for your hairstylist and nail technician. These are the people you trust to keep you looking your best throughout the year. Say thank you and happy holidays with homemade cookies.

A clever way to wrap them is to use these hot pads as cookie holders. The protective finger grippers are the perfect kitchen gadget gift for a friend whose profession depends on their hands.

Cookie catchers. Use the grips as adorable cookie stands! Wrap them in cellophane and finish the gift with a festive ribbon. Microwave grip set.

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