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How to Make Perfect Pies Every Time

Apple pie is classic, iconic, and full of challenges. Soggy crusts, runny pie filling, and overbaking are just a few of the problems that keep people from even attempting to bake their own apple pies. With a little prep and attention to the details, a perfect homemade apple pie (or mini pies) is possible. These two quick how-to videos will help you serve up just the right amount of pie filling in flaky golden crusts.

How to Make Perfect Pie Crusts

Homemade crusts will set your pies light years ahead of pies with store-bought crusts in terms of flavor and texture. Plus, you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry already. It’s essential to integrate shortening into the dough for the right texture. Then once the dough is chilled, a tapered rolling pin makes rolling out the dough easier and faster, so the dough stays cool and less sticky. See how it all comes together.

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There’s nothing better than cutting into a freshly baked apple pie. And guess what? It’s far easier to make than you might think. With the right ingredients and kitchen tools, you can make a perfect apple pie with flaky crust and flavorful filling.

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