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Top 10 New Pampered Chef Products of 2020

What were the favorite new Pampered Chef products in 2020? Well, thanks to online reviews, social media posts, and conversations at Pampered Chef parties, we know which products were the most-loved this past year.

With people spending more time at home, baking and cooking became both a necessity and a comfort for many. This trend put many of our most sought-after kitchen tools in such high demand they sold out as quickly as we could restock our distribution center. 

With all that in mind, here are the top new Pampered Chef products of 2020.

Scoop & Serve Spatula

There’s a reason our Deluxe Air Fryer is a fan favorite: It does much more with eight preprogrammed settings that are easy to use. “This is the most versatile air fryer on the market, and I’ve had two previous ones,” said Sue from Wisconsin. “It’s so user friendly…and makes the most delicious rotisserie chicken, beef jerky, fries, reheated fried foods, and pizza.”

Deluxe Air Fryer

In 2020, Google Trends reported people searching for “bread” hit an all-time high. Baking was on everyone’s minds, and similarly, cookware in our Enameled Cast Iron collection that helped people bake bread and other comfort foods was also in high demand. Their beautiful design didn’t hurt either. “It’s so pretty I don’t rush to put mine away—leaving it out reminds me it’s ready for the next amazing meal!” said Amanda from Oklahoma.

Enameled Cast Iron Collection

As soon as we launched the Numbers And Letter Cake Pan, you filled our social feeds with stunning cakes. The best part: Many of you were self-professed novice bakers and cake decorators. “I love my pan!” said Ria from Texas. “It is a snap to make amazing professional-looking letter cakes without a ton of waste.”

Numbers and Letters Cake Pan | Photo Credit: @brookegenail

It’s no surprise that given the Numbers And Letter Cake Pan’s popularity an easy-to-use cake decorating tool was also a hit. They’re a match made in cake heaven. “I use it for my cupcakes, and people think they’re store-bought,” said Denise from Michigan.

Easy Accent® Decorator

“What I like most about TasteBuds is that this product is great for meal planning,” said Rachel from Arizona. “I just need to shop for the ingredients and cook!” Planning meals week after week is a common struggle so a service that delivers recipe ideas and surprise seasonings to your door every month is a welcome change for thousands of subscribers like Rachel.

TasteBuds Subscriptions

You are finding tons of creative and clever ways to use these. “I ordered this mostly for the upcoming holidays,” said Marie in Kentucky, But we have used it to keep pancakes warm, eggs, gravy, dips, even used them for a nacho bar—hot meat in one and cheese sauce in another! I need several of these in all different sizes!”

Insulated Serving Bowl Set

When a small tool like this gets this many of 5-star reviews this quickly, it deserves to make our list. “I want to throw out all of my other spoons and buy more of these—The BEST!” said Tammy from Louisiana.

Scoop & Serve Spatula

Stoneware made with the StoneFusion formula is our most durable stoneware yet, it’s dishwasher-safe, can be preheated, and goes under the broiler. This stoneware turns out impossibly perfect crusts on our Pizza Stone, juicy meats, and evenly brown baked goods made on our Stone Bar Pan.

StoneFusion Formula Stoneware

This popular partner to the Pizza Stone found a home in your kitchen pulling double duty as a charcuterie board, kitchen décor, and more. “We use the pizza peel for pizza, but we also use it for transferring our silicone baking trays in and out of the oven,” said Shawna from Ottawa, Ontario.

Pizza Peel | Photo Credit: @pampered_chef_sheila

You’ve impressed us with your taco bites, zucchini bites, little cakes, mini banana bread bites, mini cornbread, and, of course, perfect one-bite brownies. “Each brownie had a soft center surrounded by four chewy sides—my kind of brownie!” said Mama Dee from Florida.

Brownie Bite Pan
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