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How To Make Any Slow Cooker Recipe Better

Garlic Parmesan Chicken With Cauliflower Mash made in the Rockcrok® Digital Slow Cooker Stand and Dutch Oven.

Set your slow cooker meals apart with our Rockcrok® Digital Slow Cooker Stand, perfect for adding even more flavor to recipes by letting you make use of both oven or stovetop cooking and slow cooking without hassle. You can sear meat or saute vegetables and then transfer your pot, fond and all, to the stand to finish cooking throughout the day. Keep dishes minimal, build flavor, and keep food warm for all your events with this slow cooker.

You can adjust your favorite slow cooker recipes to use with the stand—and make them better. If your family loves pulled pork, instead of tossing a raw pork shoulder right in your slow cooker, sear the sides and then slow cook to harness all that flavor. You can do the same with beef for your pot roasts, chicken for chicken and dumplings, or ground beef for chilis! Building something with a mirepoix base? Saute your veggies in your pan first and then transfer to the stand to add flavor. Enhance any slow cooker recipe with the ease of transferring to the stand.

Build Better Flavor

When you sear meat, it browns the outside and gives the meat increased flavor and great texture. It builds up a layer of fond—the browned residue on the pan—that you can incorporate right into your entree or a flavorful sauce to go with it. With the Slow Cooker Stand and the Rockcrok® Everyday Pan or Dutch Oven, you can sear meat in the same dish you slow cook. 

Since the Rockcrok® Everyday Pan and Dutch Oven fit into the stand, you don’t have to lose that delicious fond when transferring meat to the slow cooker. You can transfer the whole pot! No need to miss out on that flavor the next time you braise beef or brown chicken before adding to your slow cooker recipes.

You can also saute your mirepoix right in the same pan that’ll hit the stand. Onions, celery, and carrots are the building blocks of flavor, and cooking them right in the pot you’ll slow cook in is the perfect base for starting soups, stews, roasts, and more. Don’t leave the flavor behind on your stovetop!

Keep Dishes Minimal

Instead of starting your recipe in one pan on the stove and transferring to your slow cooker dish, this stand lets you do everything in one. No more browning meat in a skillet and awkwardly transferring into a slow cooker, increasing your clean-up. Keep the skillet clean and brown or sear directly in your Rockcrok® Everyday Pan or Dutch Oven.

French Onion Dip Sliders made in the Rockcrok® Digital Slow Cooker Stand and Dutch Oven.

Entertain With Ease

Entertain with ease with the stand’s WARM setting. Again, no need for hassle—you can cook food on the stovetop or in the oven and directly transfer it to the slow cooker stand to keep warm without losing sauce, fond, or anything else between pans. 

Sear, saute, and cook your meal, and then just place it on keep warm while you serve. The stand will even automatically switch to keep warm after your cook time is up, keeping your food from drying or burning if you aren’t ready to eat when the food is done. 

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