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How to Make a Great Single-Serve Coffee at Home

The beauty of the Deluxe Coffee Machine is that you can tailor each cup to your mood. From intense dark roasts to velvety cappuccinos and flavored lattes, you have complete control to craft your ideal cup. The machine’s versatility, combined with the detailed guidance in the Start Guide, empowers you to explore and indulge like a true barista.

Are You Feeling Bold?

Coffees come in a variety of intensities and roasts. Dark roasts can have an intense, deep flavor but often lose some of the bean’s nuances due to changes to the bean during the extended roast time. Light roasts tend to have a delicate yet complex flavor. No matter what style of roast you prefer, we recommend using a medium-ground coffee with the ground-coffee insert for best results. When using original Nespresso® Espresso Pods, a numbering system notes the flavor intensity. The intensity rating goes from one to 13, with 13 being the most intense. 

According to this rating scale by Nespresso®, coffee below six is “not intense,” and anything above eight is “intense.” The intensity of Nespresso® espresso is then a mix of the concentrated coffee (which may refer to the TDS value of the Specialty Coffee Association) and the degree of how it’s roasted and its body and bitterness. Therefore, a heavier body with more bitterness and a higher percentage of solids in it is what Nespresso® considers an “intense coffee.” For more info about Nespresso® Pods, visit their website!

If you want to brew an even stronger coffee in the Deluxe Coffee Machine, press the + button for a bolder version of any brew.

Customize Your Cup

The Deluxe Coffee Machine Start Guide is an excellent resource for quality coffee house single-serve drink recipes. Many café favorites use frothed or steamed (warmed) milk. The best baristas go through extensive training to froth milk correctly and create the perfect foam ratio for each type of drink. Luckily, Pampered Chef made it as easy as pressing a button!

We love using the Electric Milk Frother to make delicious barista-inspired drinks at home. With the press of a button you can choose the amount of foam you want for any type of drink.

The High Foam setting is great for cappuccinos and macchiatos. 

The Low Foam setting is ideal for creamy mochas and lattes. 

The setting for warmed milk is perfect for classic drinks that call for steamed milk, like hot chocolate, café au lait, and flat whites. 

The Cold Foam setting is great for iced coffees and matchas.

Choosing the Best Milk for Frothing

Frothed milk can balance coffee’s bitter taste and thin texture with a light, slightly sweet creaminess.

You can use many kinds of milk, including non-dairy plant and nut varieties. However, the results will vary depending on fat and protein content and the milk’s viscosity. 

For non-dairy milk, brands that include additives like gums and stabilizers often help produce better foam. Many brands have curated special barista blends formulated to froth better. 

For dairy milk, whole milk will produce the most velvety, creamy foam, but 2% and skim work well, too!

Use your frothed milk immediately for the most beautiful and tasty beverages.

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