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5 Product Pairings That Will Change How You Cook

5 Product Pairings That Will Change How You Cook

It’s easy to fall into mealtime routines, rotating a handful of recipes during the week. You might want to be a more creative, efficient cook, but time might not always let you cook from scratch the way you want. These individual products can make cooking easier and more fun. But, when you use them together, you’ll find new ways to save time and cook more creatively.

1. Wok & Food Grater

Prepping your ingredients ahead of time is an easy way to make homemade meals without taking a lot of time during the busy work week. With a little planning and help from a food grater, you can stock your fridge with sliced or grated vegetables and cheeses. Then add them to meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every night.

A food grater can also save you money at the grocery store, so you don’t need to buy pricier pre-cut produce and shredded cheeses. When you pair the food grater with a large wok, you have a way to put together fresh stir-fry meals that come together in less than 20 minutes.

Stainless Steel Nonstick Wok & Quick Prep Food Grater
food grater and wok make fast, simple stir-fry nights.

2. Waffle Puff Pan & Ice Cream Maker

Take breakfast and desserts to a whole new level when you make bubble waffles in this unique pan. This waffle pan gives you fluffy, cakey dough bubbles held together by a crispy, crunchy crust. Cover them with berries and syrup for breakfast. Use it to make bread for sandwiches, or pair this pan with an ice cream maker for Instagram-worthy ice cream sundaes in bubble waffle cones.

Now you can skip the fancy brunches and expensive ice cream outings and bring all those fun moments home where you can control the ingredients and let your creativity run wild.

Ice Cream in a Bubble Waffle Cone
Make homemade ice cream in fun puff waffle cones.

3. Oven Rack Protectors & Sheet Pan

Put together simple one-pan meals without fear of burning your hand or arm on the edge of your oven rack. Ouch! Oven rack protectors help prevent hand and forearm accidents while you’re rushing to get dinner out of the oven. And you can cut the silicone protector to custom fit your oven.

A sheet pan meal baking in an oven with oven rack protectors
Oven Rack Protectors keep your hands and arms safe when you take pans out of the oven.

4. Veggie Chip-Making Tools & Serving Platter

This combo might not change the way you cook, but it will change the way you snack. You can snack smarter now with veggie chips from the grocery store but, they’re still fried and contain unpronounceable ingredients that give them longer shelf lives. Making homemade chips is a fun, guilt-free way to snack. A

V-shaped pan gives you more surface area to make homemade veggies chips than a regular pan. This reduces the number of trips you take to the oven. A mandolin makes it easy to get consistent, thin slices for crunchier, crisper chips. Sprinkle your sweet potatoes, apple slices, or kale chips with seasonings for exciting flavors and serve them on this beautiful stoneware platter.

chips made in a v-shaped pan and served on a stoneware platter
mandolin and clever pans turn fresh fruits and vegetables into irresistible snacks to serve to friends.

5. Pressure Cooker & Pressure Cooker Accessories

If you’ve never used a pressure cooker before, it will change the way you cook. A pressure cooker can quickly defrost meat when you forget to take it out of the freezer. It makes eight-hour, slow cooker-style meals in an hour or less. And with 16 pre-set functions it takes the guesswork out of cooking chicken, stews, and rice, all while retaining moisture and nutrients in your foods.

It’s easy to limit your pressure cooker meals to soups, stews, and roasts. Did you know you can also make bread in a pressure cooker? Homemade yogurt? It can even cook fish and pasta. With the right accessories and a little creativity, pressure cookers can make almost anything. Try pressure cooking cakes, cheesecakes, pudding, custard, and easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs. The more you use a pressure cooker, the more reasons you’ll find to love it.

Quick Cooker and accessories
Bring more to the table with the Quick Cooker and its accessories.

What kitchen tools have changed the way you cook? What product pairs are your go-tos? Share your favorites in the comments below.

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