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Dorm Kitchen Essentials

Whether your student is just starting out in a dorm room with just a mini-fridge and a microwave or has moved into an apartment and needs to build a kitchen from scratch, we’ve got their backs! Here’s a list of essential tools for young cooks, perfect for the nights when pizza delivery simply won’t cut it.

1. Air Fry, Reheat, Roast, & More

Heat up crispy chicken nuggets and fries, warm leftovers, and make quick snacks inside a dorm room with the Deluxe Air Fryer. This small appliance will be a college student’s best friend!

2. Steam Veggies & Make Soups

Every dorm room needs a handy microwavable bowl to heat soups, steam frozen veggies, and even heat ramen in. The 1-qt. (1-L) Micro-Cooker makes for the perfect microwave companion!

3. Kitchen Utensils They'll Use Every Day

With the Multicolor Kitchen Utensil Set, you can make (and serve!) virtually anything in the kitchen. This set includes a slotted spoon, turner, spoon, and small slotted turner in a variety of colors to make your kitchen area more vibrant and fun. Plus, each utensil is made of nylon, so they’re safe to use with all kinds of cookware—even nonstick—when you’re sauteing, frying, or boiling!

4. Be Ready for Pizza Night (Because You Know It’ll Happen)

Pizza nights are inevitable in college—some may even say they’re a necessity. Whether you’re cooking frozen pizza or making it from scratch, you need the essentials. Get a pizza stone for the oven and a personal-size pizza stone to use in a microwave or toaster oven. You’ll also need a pizza cutter to cut through slices and crust easily.

5. Make It a Movie Night

Make your own air-popped microwave popcorn at home and avoid the greasy butter. The reusable popcorn maker uses regular kernels and means students can season their popcorn with whatever they like (we love garlic salt) and control portion size, too.

6. Take Snacks With You Anywhere Any Time

Sick of using single-use plastic bags? Then, our Reusable Storage Bag Set will make your day! This set comes with four different-sized storage bags made of 100% platinum silicone, which means they’re reusable, resealable, and leakproof! Use them to take snacks with you on the go, store sandwiches, and even put away leftovers for later.

7. Hot Breakfast On the Go

A scrambled egg on a weekday morning always feels like a treat, but it’s especially true when you’re a hungry student. The ceramic egg cooker makes microwave eggs in a snap, and, as a bonus, it also works to cook oatmeal and even a mug cake for a quick, warm treat.

8. Your Go-To Two-in-One Tool

Most experienced cooks have more spoons and scrapers than they know what to do with, but for the cook who is just starting, the two-in-one scraper saves space and does a lot: it scoops, scrapes, and serves. Tiny but mighty.

9. Fantastic Food Storage

Store your leftovers and heat them in the same container. These leakproof glass containers come in a variety of sizes and have lids that snap securely in place. The 5¼-cup container is perfect for leftovers and the 3-cup container is great for a sandwich on the go.

10. The Best Can Opener

It’s the kind of tool that you forget you don’t have until you need it. The smooth-edge can opener prevents sharp edges and a magnet plucks the lid right off.

11. A Gadget Every Guacamole Lover Needs

The Avocado Tool is a must-have for anyone who loves avocado toast or homemade guacamole. One end is a knife that helps you cut through the avocado skin, separate it from the avocado flesh, slice the avocado any way you like, and spread it. And the other end is a pitter that lets you grab the pit and remove it with ease. The soft-grip handle is comfortable to hold no matter how you use the tool, and it’s compact enough to store in any kitchen drawer.

12. Make Fruit Prep Quick and Easy

Whether you want to make fruit salad or enjoy a healthy snack, our Corer lets you prep your produce with a few simple motions. All you have to do is push the stainless-steel blade through your fruit, twist the handle, and pull up for easy release! Plus, you can use it for more than just coring apples. You can also use it to core pears, remove the center of cupcakes to fill with tasty treats, and even vent the tops of your pies for more thorough bakes.

13. Cover All the Cooking Prep Basics

Knives, peelers, and cutting boards are all must-haves for college dorm kitchenettes, apartment dwellers, and first-time homeowners. The Kitchen Paring Knife Set and 3-Piece Peeler Set come with three knives and peelers that meet all the small cutting needs! Use these tools with the fun and colorful matching Flexible Cutting Mat Set.

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