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10 Favorite New Pampered Chef Products of 2023

Deluxe Kitchen Mixer

It’s that time of the year again—time to review the most popular new Pampered Chef products of 2023!

These are the new products that our customers and consultants have been the most excited about all year. 

Make delicious popcorn for an afternoon snack or movie night at home. Or, stir up candied nuts for salad toppings, holiday gifts, or snacks. The plate is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, too. Want to skip the basics and go fancy from the start? Check out some popcorn and candied nut inspiration.

Chocolate Caramel Popcorn
French Toast Roasted Nuts
Electric Pop & Stir

This beautiful pan has high sides and holds a lot (4-qt (3.8 L)) so it’s big enough to cook dinner for your family with leftovers for the next day. Is a nonstick pan that’s dishwasher-friendly synonymous with being weeknight-friendly? We think so. 

Brilliance Nonstick Weeknight Skillet

Superior Tongs

Any spork lovers reading this? Probably not. We’ve never attended a picnic and turned our noses up at a spoon or fork in favor of a spork. However…there are far better pairings out there (conveniently sold by Pampered Chef) that deserve a place in everyone’s kitchen. Turns out, the humble tongs are a perfect starting point for our favorite hybrid kitchen utensils of the year: The Whisk Tongs and the Spatula Tongs.

This silicone-covered flat whisk is safe to use in your nonstick cookware, and it’s strong enough to securely lift items out of boiling water. Works great for mixing cake and brownie batter, too.

Whisk Tongs

Securely scoop, grip, and flip even the most awkwardly shaped ribs or other cuts of meat. Great for using in the air fryer and for flipping oven-roasted veggies.

Spatula Tongs

This viral cutie kept our supply team working long hours to keep it in stock all spring! Now we know to have plenty on hand to make sure everyone can snag one or three of these for their kitchens and as the perfect gift for their friends’ kitchens.

Quickly and safely slice soft foods like strawberries and mushrooms in seconds. Perfect for snacks and weeknight veggie prep. Fruit salad can be ready in no time!

Cup Slicer
Cup Slicer

This ultimate meal-prep system launched in fall just in time for school to start and schedules to get busy. We’ll be using it more than ever starting in January to tackle those lofty 2024 goals!

A small, square baker is essential for every kitchen. This stoneware baker is the perfect size for brownies and small main dishes and comes with a tray that can be used for baking (either on top of the baker or on its own) and is also beautiful for charcuterie or serving treats. Compact convenience!

Stone Square Baker With Tray

Some superheroes wear capes; others nest and come with a removable strainer. Countertop saver, time saver, and preventer of messes. 

Small Straining Funnel
Funnels With Strainer

This updated classic has been a Pampered Chef favorite for many years due to its versatility and style. Use it in the oven or microwave and serve from it at the table. This version features an updated color—the creamy white showcases food beautifully—and is made from durable, dishwasher-safe stoneware.

Deep Covered Baker

When we designed the Deluxe Stand Mixer, we wanted to make sure that not only was this a powerful stand mixer that could hold its own against even the most well-known competition, but that it earned its place on your countertop. The digital display, preset programs, and thoughtful design elements such as tidy cord storage and even weight distribution make this mixer an investment worth making.

Deluxe Stand Mixer
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