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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Cooking [Video]

Tim Hagedorn, our Recipe Content Manager, shares five simple ways to make your meals better. Even when all you have are the basics—a protein, a starch, and a vegetable—you can make a flavorful meal every night of the week.

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This pan is great for roasting vegetables because the unglazed cooking surface draws moisture away, so the veggies are tender and crispy every time.

Tim uses this pan because it creates a good sear and leaves a little extra browning behind to make a delicious pan sauce.

You get so much juice out of a lemon, lime, or small orange with a squeeze of this durable citrus press. A little acidity can brighten up an entire meal.

The removable insert lets you store both hearty and delicate herbs at once. Having fresh herbs handy makes it easier to add more flavor to your meals.

Tim's Grand Unified Theory of Cooking

These simple techniques put you in the sweet spot for easy, weeknight meals that taste so good.

Tim’s 5 Tips For Amazing Meals

  • Preheat your pan for roasted veggies.
  • Salt early and often.
  • Searing adds flavor. Leave the meat alone and let the pan do the work.
  • Use fresh herbs.
  • Add an acid like citrus or vinegar to brighten up the flavors in your meal.
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