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How a Dietitian Stocks Her Freezer [Video]

If pizza and ice cream are all that come to mind when you think about your freezer—that sounds delicious, but a freezer can do much more. Our registered dietitian, Sandy Wolner, will show you how to turn your freezer into your best helper in the kitchen especially for make-ahead meals, quick weeknight meal prep, and storing leftovers. Take a peek into Sandy’s home freezer to see what kinds of foods she stocks up on, how she stores them, and even how she prevents freezer burn on her ice cream.

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This stainless steel pan is ideal for high-heat cooking, while the nonstick mesh grid makes cleanup easy. Its large capacity is great for family pasta night, too.

This pan is excellent for roasting frozen vegetables or making easy sheet pan dinners. The rolled edges and wire rims prevent it from warping in the oven.

Sandy loves these versatile containers. You can use them to store just about anything. 

Store 1-cup (250 mL) portions of soup, chili, and broth. Then reheat just what you need in the microwave or oven.

Featured Recipe

Zesty Ravioli Skillet

Frozen ravioli cooks up fast and Sandy adds frozen peas and frozen spinach to make it a well-balanced weeknight meal. Sandy finds that once you thaw, drain, and dry frozen spinach, it doesn’t make pasta dishes or casseroles soggy the way fresh spinach does.

Sandy’s Tips For Freezing Foods

  • Chill food before freezing.
  • Label and date containers.
  • Freeze smaller portions so you can defrost just what you need.
  • Allow extra space in containers for liquids to expand.
  • Freeze grated cheese! Just defrost in the fridge overnight or leave on the counter for 20 minutes.
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