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Weeknight Rightovers: Featuring Your Air Fryer

korean bulgogi tacos
Liz, @ourlovelypak, shows us how to make beef bulgogi and easily turn it into tacos as part of our series on rightovers.

I get a little anxious when August rolls around because that usually means getting back to everything. Back from vacation. Back to school. Back to busy!

It’s always a challenge when we have leftovers from the night before but don’t really know what to do with them. A lot of the time, we end up throwing it out and ordering take-out instead. 😅

Luckily, I have a super easy recipe to turn your leftovers into RIGHTOVERS! I love the idea of repurposing your leftovers into a totally different meal! It keeps things fun without wasting any food.

The Deluxe Air Fryer from @pamperedchef has been a game-changer for us! There are so many amazing features, and my favorite is the reheat setting. 👍

To get started, make Liz’s recipe for beef bulgogi—it’s a thinly sliced beef that you can marinate in a sweet and savory sauce for a few hours or even overnight to give it more flavor. 

These tacos are perfect for busy weeknights. Bonus points if you add some kimchi, too!

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