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Weeknight Meals—a Little Healthier

Are your weeks filled with after-school activities and homework with your kids? If you’re already tackling fractions and pronouns with them, why throw spinach into the mix? There are unexpected and creative ways to sneak veggies into meals without sacrificing flavor. And, when you haven’t had time to shop for that extra cauliflower for your Skinny Mac ‘N Cheese or the zucchini you intended to spiralize has gone bad, Enrichables can help boost family meals in a pinch.

Enrichables™ Kale & Fiber or Pea Protein powders mix well into all the meals featured here and work with tons of other family-friendly recipes.

Try these great recipes to add an extra boost of nutrition to some family-favorite meals.

Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie

Add the health benefits of cauliflower to any meal by blending it into a smooth, creamy puree. The secret to getting more vegetables into family-favorite comfort foods is this cooking blender. That’s how we got a whole head of cauliflower in this low-carb shepherd’s pie recipe. You can add some kale in the ground beef for even more benefits.

Cauliflower Shepherds Pie

Skinny Mac ‘N Cheese

Everyone’s favorite comfort food gets an update with low-fat Greek yogurt and reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese. Fresh cauliflower adds fiber and antioxidants like vitamin C to this usually carb-heavy meal. Add some filling pea protein will help keep you full and satisfied.

Skinny Mac 'N Cheese

Hidden Veggie Marinara Pasta

Make a more nutrient-rich pasta dish by using a high-powered cooking blender to add more vegetables to homemade marinara. Your family doesn’t need to know there’s a cup of carrots and a whole zucchini in this smooth, easy-to-make tomato sauce. And because it’s made in blender, adding a few scoops of protein powder couldn’t be easier!

Hidden Veggie Marinara Pasta

Kale Pesto Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers can conjure images of dry, boring pucks. But the layers of flavor built into this family dinner standby will make everyone around the table sit up and take notice. In this recipe, pesto adds brightness and flavor as an alternative to ketchup and mustard.

Rather than spend money on a pricey store-bought pesto, make it yourself. By adding vitamin-rich kale and using less-expensive sunflower nuts instead of traditional pine nuts, you’ll serve up a tasty turkey burger that will impress the whole family.

Kale Pesto Burger

Bruschetta Pasta

You can’t go wrong with this classic Italian pasta. Plus, tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil are famous for their heart-healthy benefits. And, if you want to make it for a meatless Monday, but need to get some protein, try adding Enrichables™ into the bruschetta sauce. Then, top off the entire dish with some grated parmesan.

Bruschetta Pasta

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

This gluten-free vegetarian recipe is a one-pot meal loaded with veggies—bell peppers, zucchini, corn, and tomatoes. Plus, quinoa and black beans are packed with protein and fiber. Top it off with a slice of avocado for a burst of potassium, fiber, and the healthy kind of fat.

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Pressure Cooker Salsa Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This dish is perfect for busy weeknights and these easy wraps boast tons of flavor with onion, jalapeno, garlic, and salsa. And, boneless chicken breasts score high on protein and low in fat. You can even add our kale and fiber powder to the salsa before you serve it. The added fiber keeps your gut healthy.

Quick Cooker Chicken Salsa Lettuce Wrap

Vegetarian Lasagna

You can’t go wrong with layers of cheese, noodles, and sauce. It’s homemade comfort food at its best. But the beauty of this recipe is you don’t need to boil your lasagna noodles ahead of time or even buy the specialty no-boil version. The sauce is the best place you can get added veggies or protein. You can make the same sauce you use for the Hidden Veggie Marinera or save time with a few scoops of kale and fiber powder or protein powder (or both) to a jar of sauce you already have on hand.

Vegetarian Lasagna
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