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Dinner happens every day, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel like a chore. This season, we’re here to help you find joy in cooking, whether it’s finding a shortcut to meals your family loves, taking you back to the days of your childhood with nostalgic flavors, or making weeknights a little more convenient with simple recipes that have just a few ingredients and steps. 

We love blending our favorite things about two recipes, turning them into a new and fun dish. This is exactly the case for Deviled Egg Toast. Classic deviled egg filling gets a refresh with creamy avocado. Turn it into a toast with garlic bread heated up in the Deluxe Air Fryer (no preheating required!) Simple, delicious, and made from things you may already have in your freezer, fridge or pantry, this recipe is a showstopper. And, to be the talk of the town, using a coarse grater to make the egg whites look like shredded cheese is a simple way to make this look oh so special.

One of our favorite appetizers or after-school snacks is mozzarella cheese sticks. They’re crunchy, cheesy, and that perfect pull of gooey cheese reminds us of our childhoods! We’ve made the classic mozzarella sticks even cheesier. By replacing some of the breadcrumbs with Cheez-It® crumbs, there’s another layer of cheesy flavor. You can place the crackers in a resealable bag and take out your aggression with a mallet or wine bottle, but a food processor will give you more control over how fine your crumbs get and with minimal effort. And thanks to the Deluxe Air Fryer, you’ll get crispy results without all the oil. Plus, this coating can be used as a breadcrumb substitute for chicken, pork, or other proteins!

There are few things more classic than a cheeseburger. And one thing we have seen is using meats that aren’t just ground beef: short rib, brisket, turkey, duck, vegetables, mushrooms, and plant-based protein. In addition, there are different combinations of protein you can use! Our Truffle Burger version uses both ground beef and ground pork sausage, which makes them extra juicy even if you overcook them. Not to mention we add Black Truffle & Herb Seasoning to give it an even more savory, herby flavor. Plus, since nobody likes to get their hands dirty mixing raw meat, the Deluxe Stand Mixer allows you to gently mix the ingredients without overworking the meat, avoiding burgers that are too dense. 

Pasta salads always remind us of carefree summer gatherings. This classic pasta salad gets a remake with the Green Goddess Seasoning Mix in the creamy dressing. Using the Flex+ Immersion Blender to whip up a dressing with avocado in just a few seconds adds a pop of flavor to the cooked pasta and veggies. And the Cup Slicer is the tool that you didn’t know you needed, cutting tomatoes and avocados so much quicker, that you’ll have more time to eat!

Everyone loves a comforting casserole covered in tater tots and cheese – especially when it takes only five minutes to prep with minimal chopping. This spin on the classic tater tot casserole includes sausage and eggs, making it perfect for breakfast, brunch, or dinner! We used a bag of pre-diced peppers and onions (yay for 3 fewer things to chop) and only six other ingredients to make a simple meal the entire family will love. Plus, when baked in the Stone Rectangular Baker, it’s so pretty that it can go right from the oven to the table.

Making meatballs isn’t overly complicated, but it does require some technique. You want to mix them just enough without overworking the meat, making them tough and rubbery. The Deluxe Stand Mixer has got your back! Whether you use turkey like we did in this recipe or beef, pork, or a blend of your choice, the MIX setting combines the meat until it’s just mixed, not over or under. Lemon Garlic Rub gives the typically Italian dish a fresh Mediterranean twist. You can bake the meatballs and then freeze them, or freeze them on a sheet pan so you have meatballs ready to brown up or toss in a slow cooker.

We love our throwback recipes, and this one is our homage to a kitchen standard! Easy and fresh, this bruschetta-inspired chicken will take you back. Thinly sliced chicken is perfect for grilling because it cooks up quickly without drying out and the 12″ (30-cm) Cast Iron Grill Skillet is a must-have. It’s our go-to when the rain keeps you away from your outdoor grill or when it’s the middle of winter. It holds its heat, can go in the oven, and is pre-seasoned so it helps cook things perfectly! And don’t forget about the Close & Cut to help evenly slice chicken cutlets (without having to touch the raw chicken) every time.  

What happens when you combine the Midwest Strawberry pretzel salad with the Southern Ambrosia? A new version of your favorite dessert! Keeping our favorite parts of both desserts, we use the 8″ (20cm) Square Pan With Lid to press in the sweet and savory pretzel crust, then use the Deluxe Stand Mixer to whip up our ambrosia topping. The CREAM setting incorporates air into the cream cheese while the MIX setting gently folds in the whipped topping so it doesn’t deflate. After chilling in the fridge, this sweet and savory treat is perfect to take with you to a potluck!

These jumbo cookies are the perfect pantry solution for trying to get something sweet on the table. We use a shortcut to make them: a box of chocolate cake mix! Since the mix already has all the key ingredients like flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt, we adjusted the oil and eggs and added chocolate chips to make them extra decadent. The Extra-Large Scoop gives you nice big cookies, but you can always make them smaller and adjust the cooking time. Using the Deluxe Stand Mixer to gently mix the cookies so they are tender and then whipping up a simple peanut butter frosting to spread on the cooked cookies makes this recipe such a breeze it’s sure to please!

Sweet, luscious peaches are the star of this delicious and easy-to-prepare tart. Keep the oven off (and your kitchen cool!) the whole time by making a quick cookie crust in the Tart Pan with Lid that easily pops out once it cools. Slice and pit fresh peaches with ease, thanks to the Stone-Fruit Wedger. The simple and fluffy filling will give you decadent cheesecake vibes with a caramel twist. After chilling, top it with the lid and bring it to your next picnic. Want to try it right away instead of waiting for fresh peaches to come into season? Not a problem—frozen peaches are also delicious in this recipe!

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