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3 Refreshing Iced Drinks To Try

Swapping your average cup of joe for an iced drink is a great way to fuel your summer while staying cool! Whether you need something caffeinated to get you going in the morning or want something fun throughout the day, we’ve got you covered!

This fruit iced tea is not your average summer drink. Infuse tea in a Cold Brew Pitcher with fresh or frozen fruit flavors and allow it to steep overnight for a refreshing taste. Switch things up and try using a blend of different fruits or swap the black tea for green or herbal. Serve your drinks over ice for a classic summer treat, or top it with lemonade for a fun twist on an Arnold Palmer.

Traditional cafe au lait is hot coffee with warmed milk, but why not switch it up with this chilled version? Using the Cold Brew Pitcher, you can use leftover coffee or make it with cold brew coffee for an extra smooth drink. Add some flavor with our gourmet syrups or your favorite coffee creamer.

Get fruit, whole grains, and protein into your morning coffee routine with this delicious coffee smoothie. The banana’s natural sweetness and almond butter’s nutty flavor balance the coffee’s bitter bite. We like using the Cold Brew Pitcher for this recipe, but you could also use leftover hot coffee or chilled espresso!

Pampered Chef has the coffee tools and recipes to help you go from latte to tea and everything in between. Check out our website for new products and recipes to inspire you on ways to switch up your daily grind.

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