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3 Desserts for a DIY Frozen Treat Bar

Do you want to have your best summer ever? Making a DIY frozen treat bar for your family is a great activity to add to your summer bucket list. There’s nothing better than homemade ice cream, ice pops, and ice cream sandwiches––especially when the flavors are customized and delicious. Here are some homemade treats everyone will love on sunny days.

1. Ice Pop Bar

Get your kids involved and make homemade ice pops. An ice pop maker is a great addition to your kitchen. You’ll be able to customize the flavors and make recipes like Cookies and Cream QuicksiclesOrange Strawberry QuicksiclesNutella® Quicksicle, and more. There’s something for everyone—even adults. For the parents out there, add your favorite alcohol to the mix for a boozy treat like the Piña Colada Quicksicles. Watch this video to make three more refreshing treats for the grown-ups.

2. Ice Cream Sundaes

Bring the ice cream shop home and create delicious desserts your whole family will love. Buy some of your family’s favorite toppings and create your own sundae bar with homemade ice cream and trendy bubble waffle ice cream cones. This sweet treat is perfect for a movie night or sleepover. Try the Basic Vanilla Ice Cream or Strawberry Ice Cream—they’ll be a huge hit!

Ice Cream Bubble Waffle Cones

3. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Skip the ice cream truck and create your own mix-and-match ice cream sandwiches. They are the best go-to treats in the summer. Just bake cookie or brownie batter in the silicone trays, add ½ cup (125 mL) of ice cream in each well, and freeze. Make extras and keep them in your freezer for when you want a quick treat on a hot, sunny day.

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

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