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What’s Your Signature Drink?

Your go-to drink says a lot about your personality. It tells people whether you’re flirty, down to earth, or just plain fun.

So what’s your signature drink? Let us help you choose! These 10 fun and fruity seasonal drinks all put a spin on the classics…the only thing missing is your personal style. So kick back, grab a pitcher, and try out some of our favorite signature cocktails (including a few alcohol-free options).

Raspberry Tequila Sangria

You are smooth with a hint of sweetness. Part sangria, part margarita, and totally delicious. The bright summery fruits combined with tequila, triple sec, and champagne offer just the right balance of sweetness and kick. Try it with a fresh salad—it’s a perfect combination!

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Sparkling White Sangria

You are a true romantic. Orange, strawberry, and lime provide the perfect flavor combination for this light, fruity cocktail. Make it your own by adding your favorite wine (we like sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio), and using extra fruit. Add some raspberries or pineapple, and you have the perfect drink to cool off on a warm day.

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Easy Skinny ‘Rita

You are easy-going and you put health first. Margarita Monday will never be the same once you and your pals discover this tasty skinny (yep, we said skinny) margarita. With just 130 calories a serving, this easy recipe will leave you feeling guilt-free and totally refreshed.

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Fresh Mango Margaritas

You are the life of the party. Fresh mango is almost magical: the flavor instantly transports you to an island paradise, complete with gorgeous beaches. Add in a little tequila and your getaway is almost complete. I mean, really…this drink is the color of a Caribbean sunset! Stir up a pitcher, stretch out with your sunglasses on, and enjoy with friends.

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Alcohol-Free Strawberry Lemonade Quencher

You are cool and laid back. Looking for a sweet, summery sip? Nothing cools and refreshes quite like a glass of lemonade—until you add strawberries, that is! Slice up fresh strawberries and use them as a cute garnish, or add them right to the pitcher. Yum!

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Triple-Citrus Mojitos

You are the most interesting person at any party. This triple-threat of citrusy goodness is a twist on a Cuban classic, and it’s beyond perfect. Make them with or without alcohol, then garnish with salt, zest, fruit wedges, and a little mint, then drink up!

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Easy Limoncello

You are a cool classic. This sweet, tart liqueur serves up luscious lemony flavor like no other. Instead of buying pricey, premade concoctions, do it yourself in just minutes with this easy recipe.

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Alcohol-Free Mock Berry Mojitos

You are sassy but sweet. Faux-jito, no-jito, mocktail…call this drink whatever you want, just be sure to invite a crowd whenever you’re serving them. This virgin version of one of our favorites is just right to serve at brunches, parties, showers…any time!

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Alcohol-Free Cran-Raspberry Fizz

You are bright, bubbly, and fresh. This tart and sweet drink is the perfect refreshment for family parties, picnics, or just sitting on your porch enjoying life. A scoop of sorbet (aka the ultimate summer sweet) just adds to the many charms of this refreshing drink.

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Kiwi-Mint Julep

You’re not afraid to buck tradition. You don’t have to be headed to the races to indulge in this twist on a Kentucky Derby favorite. This drink is just right for an afternoon in the backyard watching clouds race.

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Ready to stir up your signature drink? Start here!

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