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Love Letters to Consultants

Love Letters to Consultants

Pampered Chef consultants don’t just sell kitchen tools: They bring friends and families together and show us how to nourish our loved ones. Consultants give us fun and tasty social events to look forward to. They help us get our purchases out of the box and into the kitchen. They answer our weirdest food questions and dish out tons of delicious recipe ideas and cooking tips. In many cases, consultants turn into terrific friends. See what customers have to say about their favorite consultants and how they go above and beyond to deliver one-of-a-kind, personal shopping experiences.

Your Parties Are the Best

“Kathie is sweet, funny, and relatable. My first party with her changed everything. Her love for Pampered Chef came through. I had a party and got free products I loved and was hooked for life. I think one of my favorite things about Kathie is her sense of humor and her infectious laugh.” – Love from Laura

“Angela has been my favorite Pampered Chef gal for almost 20 years! She’s sweet, knowledgeable, and helpful. We’ve even had a party without a kitchen when it was being remodeled. Angela has made every party fun, and it’s always a learning experience!” – Noticed by Nikki

My consultant, Aileen, is the best. She is always offering advice about the amazing Pampered Chef products, and she’s the best at doing parties. Even when it’s freezing rain, she made it one of my best parties ever. – With love from Lori

“My consultant, Brian, just helped me host my very first Pampered Chef party and it was amazing! Brian made the party so much fun! We had a ton of laughs, and he gave us all a ton of great ideas, tips, recipes, and advice. Not only did I come away with some awesome new products, but so did my friends and family!” – Thanks from Tera

Pampered Chef Consultant With Party Guests
Pampered Chef consultants use the power of cooking to help people share moments together by making cooking faster and better.

Thank You for the Friendship

“My consultant, Sandra, has been with me forever. She has watched my kids grow and now is helping me get my daughter Pampered Chef supplies in college. She’s not only my consultant, but also my friend, even when we’re not having parties, she calls or messages to check on my family and me. I can’t imagine having a party with anyone else.” – Loved by Lisa

“Shout out to Lori! An amazing woman, friend, and community member! She’s always there to lend a hand even if it’s a meal for a friend of a friend, and she’s willing to help or have a fundraiser for a just cause. Lori is consistently there! I have no idea how she fits it all in! And she’s always smiling and kind!” – Hugs from Heidi

“Jeanine isn’t just my Pampered Chef lady—I would call her family! We keep tabs on each other throughout the year, we visit at parties, and we genuinely care for one another. I’m grateful for the love and kindness that she has shown my family and me throughout the years. And she has helped me outfit my kitchen so that I can cook for my family every day with ease. I’m so grateful for her!” – Kindness from Kala

“Colin is my main guy. He’s more than just a Pampered Chef consultant, he’s my friend. He makes sure I have enough supplies and lets me know what’s new. He also goes out of the way to help me as a friend.” – Hearts from Heather

Your Kitchen Know-How Saves the Day

“Jennifer is the absolute best! She is so knowledgeable about everything Pampered Chef and responds to my crazy messages any time of day. She also supports my small business, a DIY home decor workshop.” – Sweet thoughts from Stephanie

“Could I possibly love my favorite Pampered Chef consultant, Janice, more? Come, look at my kitchen! Come, look at our cottage kitchen! Come, look at my children’s kitchens! Jan has guided me through lots of new products over many years. The few replacements that were needed, she made effortless. Her commitment to her clients and her business is admirable” – Kind thoughts from Conny

“Taisheena has been my Pampered Chef consultant for 17 years. She is a confident, successful woman who has a heart for her customers, which is why we love her. She extends her knowledge of Pampered Chef products into practical ways to incorporate them into your life.” – Loved by Lisa

“My Pampered Chef consultant, Nancy, is tops in my book. She works so hard for the company. She’s always willing to help, even on a Sunday night when I need help with my new Quick Cooker. Love your products and love working with Nancy.” – Notes from another Nancy

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