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How to Make a Killer Holiday Cheese Board

The holidays are a time for gathering, giving and impressing the socks off everyone on your guest list…and nothing will help you do that quite like a well-made cheese plate. When you get the elements right, a simple cheese board goes from an appetizer to a sophisticated conversation piece. Use these simple tips, tricks and recipes to elevate your appetizer offerings.

Be Choosey About Cheese

Select between three and five types of cheese in a variety of textures—hard, soft, crumbly or creamy. You can mix it up by offering cheeses made from different kinds of milk, too. Plan on offering one “familiar” cheese. These miniature cheese balls are a perfect way to offer variety!

Tip: Plan for 3–4 oz. per person!

Choose a Vehicle

Crackers, crostini or baguette offer the perfect amount of crunch to counter your cheeses.


Spice It Up

Brie is a good standby cheese—it’s very creamy, mild and it picks up other flavors easily. Enhance it with our Raspberry Habanero Sauce for a sweet and spicy kick. Want to try this at home? Get it below!

Mix & Match

Add a few extras with different textures. Savory olives or marinated artichokes, crunchy nuts, cured meats, fresh or dried fruit, tapenade…anything you think will pair well. Pick about four items, so they accentuate your choice of cheese rather than overwhelm it.


There’s nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy the compliments!

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