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Salads Sangria

Have a Salad & Sangria Party!

Salads Sangria

Imagine a warm, summery night, laughing and talking outside with a group of your closest friends, while crickets chirp in the background. You have good company, and a cold, refreshing drink in hand…your life is pretty amazing right now.

But who has time to plan a party like that? Life is so busy between work, family, and keeping up with your favorite shows. A night like that would be so much easier if someone could make it happen…

What if there were someone who could make it all seem totally effortless? They could invite your friends and help you set up for the night, make tasty seasonal salads (and even get your friends involved), and mix up a few pitchers of sangria. They’d even teach you new ways to make parties, holidays, and everyday meals so much easier, and help with cleanup after friends leave.

No, it’s not a superhero—though they may wear a cape if you ask nicely. It’s your Pampered Chef consultant. They’ll help you have an amazing party—from the invitations to the final goodbye of the night—and they’ll help you do it without stressing. All you have to do is get some groceries and ask your friends to come over for salads and sangria…leave the rest to us.

So are you ready to get started? Contact your consultant (or find one) today!

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