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All the Pizza

Pizza Month and All the Pizza

Let’s talk pizza. Here are some candidates for the next time your family votes for homemade pizza. In fact, we think we’ve pulled together enough options here to get you through all homemade pizza nights for the next year.

New Favorites

When you need an extra serving of comfort food but still want to get creative, look no further than an inventive pizza recipe. We have plenty to share, but here’s one of our new favorites of 2022, cooked up by our Partner in Purpose Joy Bauer. You’ll want to try this one. 

Everything Bagel Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Ready for More?

Over the 41 years that Pampered Chef has been in business, we’ve made a lot of pizza! Here, in no particular order, are some of our favorites. They include appetizer pizzas, dessert pizzas, a brunch pizza, and pizza pizzas.