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All the Pizza

Pizza Month and All the Pizza

Let’s talk pizza. Here are some candidates for the next time your family votes for homemade pizza. In fact, we think we’ve pulled together enough options here to get you through all homemade pizza nights for the next year. 

There’s great pizza to be found all over North America and these first four recipes developed by some of our favorite Instagrammers give you a little taste of just a few of them.

Detroit Style Pizza With Pickled Tomato Sauce
Photo: @foxeslovelemons

Lori Yates (@foxeslovelemons) developed this amazing Detroit-style pizza. This recipe has an irresistible crispy and chewy crust, tons of gooey cheese, and a zesty pickled tomato sauce.

Photo: @seasonsandsuppers

Folks can argue online all they want about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza. We say it does and we’ll prove it with this fantastic pizza recipe sent to us by Jennifer at Seasons & Suppers.

Photo: @brandiego

When making a Californian pizza at home, the key is to just have fun and get creative with some fresh produce and local ingredients that you can find at a farmer’s market or your local grocery stores. Thanks to Brandon (@brandiego) for this fresh, delicious recipe. 

chicago deep dish sausage pizza
Photo: @sherriesavorsthecity

Pampered Chef was founded in the Chicago suburbs and so this cheesy, bready deep dish pizza recipe developed by @sherriesavorsthecity is singing our song. 

Want More?

Over the 40 years that Pampered Chef has been in business, we’ve made a lot of pizza! Here, in no particular order, are some of our favorites. They include appetizer pizzas, dessert pizzas, a brunch pizza, and pizza pizzas.

We’ve indicated which pan was used to develop each recipe, but most of these can be made on whichever pan you have.