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A Month of Healthy Recipes

If you’re thinking about making some lifestyle changes, mealtime is probably one of the areas you’re thinking about tweaking. Here are 31 of our most popular, healthy recipes. That’s enough for you to try one new recipe a day for a month, even during the longest months.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

There’s a reason people associate oatmeal with healthy breakfasts. Actually, there are a lot of reasons, and here are three more:

Healthy Main Dishes

One-pot meals are main-course superstars, so quite a few of these recipes can perform solo on your dinner table.

Healthy Sides and Salads

Find your healthy side here.

Quick Cooker Brown Rice PilafQuick Cooker Brown Rice Pilaf

Favorite Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks help conquer that 3 p.m. slump and power you through until dinner.

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