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5 Reasons to Love Being a Pampered Chef Consultant

The best work-from-home jobs give you the flexibility to work around your family’s schedule while earning an income. There are lots of options for stay-at-home moms and dads, but what makes Pampered Chef special is the community of consultants who transformed their lives and lives of those around them. Here are five things to love about being a consultantshared by real Pampered Chef consultants.

1. Extra Income

One of the most important reasons anyone starts a side business is to build financial security and add to the family budget. Leslie Gonzalez, a Pampered Chef consultant, took the financial burden out of a big life event that’s frequently a mix of joy (marriage!) and stress (wedding bills!).

“We were able to pay for our wedding in cash,” Leslie said. “We were able to pay off credit cards, take our honeymoon, and put a down payment on our dream house. All of that is because of the extra income I was able to bring in with Pampered Chef.”

Rachel Hanson loved that the initial investment in the start-up kit was affordable and provided everything she needed to get started. “I just wanted a little extra income, and now I’m making this a career I’m going to retire from.”

Tasty Rewards

2. Flexible Hours

Carolyn Kraham from Florida was frustrated when job hunting by the lack of flexible hours with traditional jobs and how much of her income would go to day care. Pampered Chef gave her a way to be a stay-at-home mom and make money.

“Through it all, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, room mom, team mom, PTA mom, field-trip-chaperone, award-ceremony-attending mom, and happy mom! And now, I’m a caretaker to my own mom. I’m so thankful for the flexibility of this business.”

3. Purpose and Pride

There are benefits to owning your own business beyond money and a flexible schedule. Pampered Chef gives many consultants a sense of pride, independence, and a fun way to meet new people and make friends.

The heart and soul of this company is the people you meet, and they inspire me to do better for my family.

“The heart and soul of this company is the people you meet, and they inspire me to do better for my family, be better for my team, and do more for my community,” said Jennifer Lott, a consultant from Illinois.

Jennifer is a military wife and stay-at-home mom who was struggling with her sense of self. “Becoming a mother changes you in the most amazing ways, but can also be lonely,” she said.

She came across Pampered Chef on Facebook and wanted the Veggie Spiralizer. “I didn’t realize that it was my way of grasping something that would be my own,” she said.

After attending a national company conference, she saw the support, passion, and success of real people just like her. It sparked her confidence to do more with her business. “All I was looking for was a little adult conversation. What I got was a life-changing career,” Jennifer said. “I truly feel that this company has changed me in ways I’ll never be able to repay.”

4. Free Trips

Consultants love stress-free travel to places like Budapest, Disney World, Jamaica, and Hawaii.

“I remember sitting at my director’s meeting when she was talking about the trips and thinking I’d never earn it,” said Chelsea Merrill. “But when I started doing parties online and sharing the business, I thought, ‘Holy cow, maybe this is possible.’”

“Five months later, my husband was saying, ‘A trip to the Bahamas?! When are we leaving?’”

5. Giving Back

Consultants value giving back and helping others. They know the tools, recipes, and cooking experiences they share help bring families together and impact their daily lives.

“We really offer people what they’re looking for,” said Amy Tomlinson. “We teach them how to get dinner on the table quickly. Everyone is so busy running to sports, to work, to extracurricular actives”there’s just no time anymore for that moment with your family, and we really provide that to people.”

Consultant Bonni Evans was taken by surprise when a customer told her she helped her be a better mother. “It was an eye-opener for me,” Bonnie said. “I realized I was doing way more than selling kitchen products. I know people are tired when they get home from work and from picking the little ones up from day care. I can help them during that crazy hour between the time they walk in the door to the time they sit down to eat. I can also help them eat healthy and depend less on eating out, saving lots of calories and money.”

How many times have you heard someone say how much they love Pampered Chef, or how many times have you said it yourself? Why not earn an income sharing that love with others?

Learn more about becoming a Pampered Chef consultant. You might be surprised how it can change your life. Tell us what you love about Pampered Chef in the comments.


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