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Unique and Easy Brunch Recipes

Spring is a time for celebrations: Easter, Mother’s Day, showers, and more. And nothing complements a spring party like a delicious brunch. Sure, crispy bacon and your go-to egg dish will be on the menu, but how about wowing hungry family and friends with some out-of-the box ideas? Pampered Chef tools and recipes make it easy for you to enjoy the party too. Who says guests get to have all the fun? Here are some of our favorite stress-free brunch ideas.

1. Berry Ricotta Cake with Lemon Icing

The ricotta keeps this cake nice and moist, while the raspberries and lemon glaze add bright flavors. Prepared in our Mini Deep Covered Baker, this cake can be served at the start of your next brunch or at the end of your next dinner party.

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Berry Ricotta Cake with Lemon Icing


2. Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Braid

Bring the flavors of the grill indoors with this ever-popular recipe technique. Our Large Entertaining Platter showcases this delicious braid that only needs 10 minutes of prep time.

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Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Braid


3. Thai Chicken Pizza

Perfect for any party, this pizza combines the fantastic texture of naan bread with the delicious flavors of Thai peanut sauce. Use our Multi-Grater & Slicer to grate the carrot and cucumber.

Tip: Substitute shrimp or tofu for chicken.

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Thai Chicken Pizza


4. Dessert Grilled Cheese

This delectable dish comes in three variations: strawberries & cream, raspberries & goat cheese, and blueberry cheesecake. Make all three in our Executive Nonstick Double Burner Grill.

Tip: Dessert shells can be tricky to cut evenly, but our Close & Cut makes it easier.

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Dessert Grilled Cheese


5. Apple Cheddar Bacon Egg Muffins

The sweet and savory combination of apple, bacon, and french toast seasoning make these egg muffins taste like a complete breakfast! Our Brownie Pan is perfect for this recipe.

Tip: Make these muffins ahead of time, then freeze, and heat them up for your brunch.

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Apple Cheddar Bacon Egg Muffins


6. Napa Cabbage Peach Salad

We love the bright crunch of napa cabbage in this fresh salad. But this isn’t only for special occasions. Prepare the recipe in our Make & Take Lunch Pack and ditch the drive-thru during the week!

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Napa Cabbage Peach Salad


7. Broccoli Bow-Tie Salad

This lighter version of classic broccoli salad will be the hit of your party! Our Multi-Grater & Slicer is key, using the slicing disk to prepare the broccoli.

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Broccoli Bow-tie Salad


8. Gnocchi with Spring Vegetables

This one-pot meal—our Executive Nonstick Skillet works perfectly—comes together quickly for a healthy and light choice. Our Herb Stripper easily removes the leaves from the kale.

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Gnocchi with Spring Vegetables


9. Artichoke Zucchini Frittata

This perfect brunch dish comes together easily, yet always impresses guests when served in our Rectangular Baker. Save the leftovers using our Large Rectangular Stretch-Fit Silicone Lid.

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Artichoke Zucchini Frittata


10. Easy White Rosette Cake

By looking at it, you’d think this was an expensive cake from a bakery. What if we told you it’s made in the microwave? Yep, this beautiful dessert is prepared in our Rockcrok® Dutch Oven and our Decorating Bag is used for easy rosettes.

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Easy White Rosette Cake


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