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How to Temper

Tempering, in its simplest form, means to bring two liquids you plan to blend together to a similar temperature before combining them completely. Tempering is what keeps eggs from cooking when they’re added to a hot sauce and gives chocolate candy a perfect polish. Learning to recognize when to temper in the kitchen will help […]

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How to Choose the Right Cookware for the Job

There’s a reason your pots and pans come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Different pieces of cookware are created for specific tasks, and choosing the right piece of cookware for the job helps you be more efficient and get the results you expect. You wouldn’t boil water for pasta in a fry pan or […]

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7 Egg-cellent Ways to Cook an Egg

They say a chef’s hat has 100 folds, one for each way the chef knows to cook an egg. That’s an egg-ceptional level of knowledge all wrapped up in one single hat. Now, those yolks – I mean, folks – dedicate ages to learning all of those recipes and styles. You can earn yourself 7 percent […]

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How to Blanch and Shock Vegetables

Blanching and shocking isn’t a technique people spend a lot of time talking about. It’s not as glamorous as sautéing or searing, but it’s a handy cooking skill to have in your arsenal. Blanching and shocking gives you perfectly cooked, gorgeous veggies that you can use in salads, crudity platters, pasta dishes, and all your […]

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How to Make an Amazing Pan Sauce

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your weeknight cooking? Making a pan sauce could be a solution, and an easy addition to your meals whenever you sear meat. Learning how to make a pan sauce will elevate the flavors in the recipes you already know and make them even better. What Is a […]

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Items in Your Kitchen

Are you reaching for warped cookware, dull knives, stained spatulas, cracked cutting boards, or smelly wooden spoons daily? Chances are, it’s time to replace those well-loved tools. Here are some signs to let you know when it’s time to part ways. When Should I Replace Cookware? Just because a pot or pan looks gross doesn’t […]

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How to Sear Meat

If you’re deciding how to cook a steak, chicken, fish, scallops, or other proteins, consider searing before you cook. This simple technique gives your recipes rich, delicious savory flavor and a restaurant-quality look. It’s a simple step that transforms everyday recipes into something sublime. What Is Searing? Searing is the salt and pepper of cooking […]

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