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Unique and Easy Brunch Recipes

Spring is a time for celebrations: Easter, Mother’s Day, showers, and more. And nothing complements a spring party like a delicious brunch. Sure, crispy bacon and your go-to egg dish will be on the menu, but how about wowing hungry family and friends with some out-of-the box ideas? Pampered Chef tools and recipes make it easy […]

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5 Ring and Braid Recipes for Stoneware

It’s no surprise that as a company that got its start in the 1980s, Pampered Chef has had a love affair (perhaps unhealthy at times) with crescent roll rings. But who could blame us? These braided sandwiches are delicious, versatile, feed a crowd, and look like works of art on a platter. But the real […]

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Give Your Oven a Break

If it seems unbearable to think about using the oven on a hot day, we hear you. We collected a few recipes that let you avoid the oven and spend less time in the kitchen. 1. Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Need a quick dinner idea? Look no further than this easy meal cooked in the microwave. The sweet […]

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Creative Bubble Waffle Recipe Ideas

Bubble waffles are popular street food in Hong Kong that’s gaining popularity around the world. And it’s no wonder—made using a special bubble-shaped waffle puff pan, bubble waffles are not only tasty and sweet, but they’re beautiful to look at and really fun to make and eat. Here’s how to use a bubble waffle pan to […]

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Behind the Recipe: Pasta Primavera With Gremolata

This recipe is featured on our Season’s Best Spring/Summer 2019 cover for good reason—actually, for a bunch of good reasons! It’s beautiful, tasty, quick to make, and open to improvisation—whether you’re improvising because you’re feeling creative or because asparagus has gone out of season and your garden has doubled down on green bean production. One-Pot Pasta We […]

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11 Instagram-Worthy Stoneware Recipes We’re Loving Right Now

There’s something about stoneware that inspires confidence and creativity in home cooks. From warm casseroles to luscious desserts, Pampered Chef’s love for simple, fresh recipes is written in stone. This clay bakeware, with its natural, nonstick seasoning in hues unique to every individual piece, has caught the eyes of Instagram photographers, foodie bloggers, and passionate […]

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7 Recipes for a Healthier Lifestyle

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, a new goal, or a doctor’s recommendation, changing eating habits can be really tough. But it can also be fun! Find meals you love, then look for easy ingredient substitutions like veggie noodles instead of pasta. Every little change you make is a small win! Those small wins will […]

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6 Easy Salads For Lunch

Eating salads for lunch can help you maintain healthy habits during the work week. Made right, they can be fun, fresh, packed with flavor—and quick to prep. With a salad cutting bowl, you can easily rinse, chop, and eat salads in minutes without sacrificing flavor or fresh ingredients. And, want a quick trick to keeping […]

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A Month of Healthy Recipes

If you’re thinking about making some lifestyle changes, mealtime is probably one of the areas you’re thinking about tweaking. Here are 31 of our most popular, healthy recipes. That’s enough for you to try one new recipe a day for a month, even during the longest months. Healthy Breakfast Recipes There’s a reason people associate […]

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